• Colors:
    Premium users get five additional color options besides the originals (orange-ish, red-ish, blue-ish): pink-ish, purple-ish, black-ish, grey-ish and turquoise-ish. When you change the color on your app, the icon changes along with it.

  • Light and Dark Modes:
    Allows to switch between both modes, and choose to change automatically to Dark Mode at noon, and back to Light Mode at dawn.

  • Custom notifications:
    The time-span for notifications on your shows is completely customized. 

  • Sync with Trakt.tv:
    Keeps your shows and progress synced, allowing you to delete a show from Trakt.tv through Showrunner. 

  • No Ads:
    Guarantees an add-free experience.

  • Check in via widget:
    Check in, see how long until the next episode and which episode is on next without ever opening the app.

  • Exclusive content:
    Hand-made lists of different TV show categories.

  • Cool stats:
    Shows which network and genres you watch more, how much time you’ve spent watching shows and how they distribute along the week.